REVIEWS OF THE GERMAN EDITION OF THE BOOK ( “God’s letters: 132 capital letters, recorded during a vision in 2001, prove scientifically God’s New Revelation” )

On “”, 5. May 2016 ( LINK ) – ENGLISH TRANSLATION :

Title of the review "God JEHOVAH – JESUS CHRIST – reveals himself."

"At first I was somewhat skeptical as to whether my God, whom Martin Luther made known by the German Bible, also appeared truly in this book. But the evidences that Jehovah, Jesus Christ, reveals himself through this code in ancient Greek are waterproof and flawless. The interpretations beyond the wording are partly philosophical, but as Christian stabilized by the Word of God, one should read-over them.

The message that God wanted to give the mind to the earth, through the death of Jesus Christ, so that the LOGOS can be fulfilled, is overwhelmingly plausible. I recommend this book to every Christian who wants to broaden his horizon of thinking, to look at God from a perspective that deepens his view of the Bible universally."

b) On “Téléchargement gratuit de livres”, 26. September 2015 ( LINK ) – ENGLISH TRANSLATION:

“This is one of those books that are appreciated from beginning to end. Thank you for sharing!”

c) On “”, 23. January 2017 ( LINK ) – ENGLISH TRANSLATION:

Title of the review “ In fact the revelation of Christ! “.

“ It was for me as an agnostic (now former) the most shocking as well as most enriching experience of my life. This is no exaggeration, and I recommend every reader to convince themselves of the divine potential of this book.”

d) On Fabio Rigel’s blog, 4. December 2016 ( LINK )

“… did you also know that the book is the best sellers book of the year. If you have not had time to read this then you suffered heavy losses…”

e) On the eBook-platform “readersplanet” the book is theology-bestseller among thousands of books ( LINK )

Although the official media are silent about this “unique phenomenon in book form”, hundreds of intellectual readers are searching every month to find the book ( go to LINK and click on PRICE TREND to view the statistics).

Now the book is available in ENGLISH (God’s letters: 132 capital letters, recorded during a vision in 2001, prove scientifically God’s New Revelation) for a fraction of the price of the German edition.


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